Quiz & Survey Question Types

Create engaging quizzes and surveys with different question types.

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About Quiz & Survey question types

With Learnster's Quiz & Surveys, you're able to create engaging and interactive quizzes, tests, or surveys. You can choose between a rich set of question types - everything from single choice to more advanced match, assignment and rating. You can let your learners upload documents, sound or video files as answers. You can also have image-based answers.

How to create a question

To create a question, you drag and drop a question type icon to the quiz or survey builder area.

Question type settings

Besides global settings for a quiz or survey, you can always control local settings for each question. Click on the settings icon of the question to access the setting controls.

Read more about each question type below.

Question types

Single Choice Question (Quiz & Survey)
Multiple Choice Question (Quiz & Survey)
Yes or No Question (Quiz & Survey)
Match Question (Quiz)
Assignment Question (Quiz & Survey)
Scale Question (Survey)
Rating Question (Survey)
Matrix Question (Survey)

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