Rating Question

A question type that lets your learner respond by rating.

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About rating questions

A Rating question lets your learners rate various items based on the sentiments assigned to that scale. This can, for instance, be used when assessing your learners' satisfaction with a course.

This type of questions is suitable and available for Surveys only.

Add and edit a rating question

Follow these steps to add and edit a Rating question:

  1. Drag & drop a rating question type into the builder area.

  2. Click on that particular question in the builder area to start editing the question and answers on the left side of the page. 

  3. Add or edit the question.

  4. Type to add a description (optional).

  5. Adjust and define the correct scale and shape.

  6. Add a N/A column (optional).

  7. Add custom feedback (optional).

Add media (optional) to a question by clicking on the "Add media" icon in the top left hand side.

Question specific settings

Besides global settings for a quiz or a survey, you can always control local settings for each question. Click on the settings icon of the question to access the setting controls.

Settings description for rating questions

Question settings:

  • Add “I prefer not to answer“ option: Activate if you want to allow a learner not to answer.

  • Add an "Other" answer option or comment field: Activate to add a text field for comments.


  • Add custom feedback to this question: Activate if you wish to add custom feedback to the question. 

Learner view (Learnster U)

This is what a rating question looks like for a learner in Learnster U.

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