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You'll learn everything from navigation, how to create a course, add users, and set up your platform. Let's go!

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Learnster Settings

How to access and edit Settings and what they are for.

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Course Structure

Articles on how to started creating a course and how to structure it.

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Course Content

Start adding course content to your courses.

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Course Settings

Here you find articles about course settings.

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Quiz & Survey

Create quizzes and surveys.

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Nelson Instructor App

Follow up & approve course attendance

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Assign courses to your audience and automate course processes.

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Administer your Learners, Instructors & Administrators.

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Save and reuse course content among your courses, and use Resources to share media files and pages and make them easily accessible.

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Course Catalog

Publish your courses into a course catalog and allow your learners to register to courses.

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Activate course discussions between learners, send customized messages to learners & send support messages to Learnster.

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Progress and Analytics

Discover a variety of ways to follow upp your learners.

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Common Learnster Terminology

Get familiar with Learnster's terminology and common concepts.

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Integrations & SSO

How to set up Learnster integrations & SSO

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Learnster U App for iOS/Android

Discover changes and updates to Learnsters iOS/Android App

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Learnster Analytics

Use Overview dashboard and Reports for detailed insights into user and course data

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Release Notes

Discover changes and new features

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