Yes or No Question

A question type that let your learners answer either yes or no to your questions.

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About Yes or No questions

Use the question type Yes or No if you want your learner to select either yes or no. You can collect responses from the learners with the help of yes or no question type.

This type of questions is suitable and available for both quiz and survey.

Add and edit a yes & no question

Follow these steps to add and edit a Yes or No question:

  1. Drag & drop a yes or no question type into the builder area.

  2. Click on that particular question in the builder area to start editing the question and answers on the left side of the page.

  3. Type to add or edit the question.

  4. Type to add a description (optional).

  5. Mark the correct answer by clicking on the correct answer's check button (Yes or No).

  6. Add custom feedback (optional).

πŸ’‘ Tip: You can edit the answer text True and False if you would rather use for example Yes and No.

Add an image to a question by clicking on the "Add image" icon in the top left hand side.

Learner view (Learnster U)

This is what a yes or no question looks like for a learner in Learnster U.

Question specific settings

Settings description for yes or no questions

Question settings:

  • Reveal the result after the question: Activate if you wish to show if the learner's response was correct or incorrect.

  • Show correct answer to an incorrect response: When activated, the wrong response is marked with red, and the correct response is marked with green.


  • Add custom feedback to this question: Activate if you wish to add custom feedback to the question.Β 

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