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Quiz & Survey overview

Create a simple or advanced quiz or survey, and choose between many different question types.

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About Quiz & Survey

With Learnster's quiz & surveys, you're able to create advanced quizzes or surveys with an easy to use drag and drop interface. You can follow up with advanced analytics, and you can create and re-use questions with the question bank.


A quiz is usually a short test with a series of questions, and can be used for knowledge checkups as well as a way to engage students, or as a way to provide a chance for reflection.

In a quiz, you can add different question types like multiple and single choice questions, yes & no, matchning and course assignments.

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Surveys are used for gathering opinions, information and feedback. Surveys are typically used in course evaluations. A learner can choose to answer a survey anonymously.

In a survey you can add different question types like grading scales, rating and matrix scales.

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Creating a Quiz or Survey

When you create a Quiz or a Survey, you can:

  • Choose simple question types such as single choice multiple choice, but also more advanced question types such as matrix, match, slider, assignment and rating. Read more about the question types here.

  • Let your learners upload documents, sound or video files. 

  • Use image-based answers. 

  • Create a visually appealing first page of your quiz or survey, by adding a background image.

💡 To learn more in detail about how to create a quiz or survey, please visit the article Create a Quiz or Survey.

Quiz & Survey analytics

With Learnster's advanced analytics functionality, you're able to follow up on your learners results on group level, as well as on an individual level. Click the links to learn more about Quiz analytics or Survey analytics.

Export Quiz & Survey data to Excel/CSV reports

It is also possible to export quiz and survey data/answers to Excel or CSV format. To export data for a quiz or survey, go to the Quiz/Survey page > Analytics > More menu.

Question bank

In the Question bank, you can create a library of questions for quizzes and surveys and then add and re-use these questions when you create a new quiz or survey. You find the question bank by going to >Library >Quiz/Survey >Question Bank.

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