The Activity type menu

Learn about the Activity Type menu to know the different types of content you can add to your pages.

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While creating content, you'll be using the Activity type menu a lot. It's from this menu that you drag and drop the icons to the page and add content to your course.

Here's a list of the Activity types:

The Activity type menu explained

In the Activity type menu you'll find all the different Activity types you can choose from when you're creating content. Below you can see what the menu looks like. You'll find it at the bottom of a created page. 

Image above: The menu with free text, video, podcast, images, single questions, interactions, documents, links, and SCORM.

Image above: Extended menu with text, checklist and callout activity types.

Image above: Extended menu with different ways to present images – single image, gallery, and carousel.

Image above: Single questions; single choice question, multiple choice, true or false, and assignment question.

Image above. Extended menu with interaction tools like hotspots, accordions, timelines, and tabs.

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