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About Single Questions

Single Questions are great to use when you want to add one or a few questions on a page to refresh some knowledge or for reflecting. If you rather want to create a quiz with several questions, use Quiz or Survey.

Add a Single Question

You add Single Questions from the Activity type menu and you can choose between:

  • Single choice questions

  • Multi choice questions

  • True or False questions

  • Assignment questions

To edit Single Questions

Hover over the activity and click on Edit content. The setting options explained:

Question Settings:

  • Quiz Mode: Turn off Quiz Mode if you don't want answers to be correct or incorrect. This is useful when you want to add a reflective question.

  • Reveal the result after the question: Activate if you wish to show if the Learner's response was correct or incorrect.

  • Show correct answer to an incorrect response: When activated, the wrong response is marked with red, and the correct response is marked with green.

  • Require to answer correct to continue: When activated, the Learner needs to answer the question.

  • Shuffle answer options: When activated, the answer options randomly change position when the learner retakes the quiz.

Question options:

  • Image mode: Activate if you want to use image answers instead of text answers.

Questions Options:

  • Image mode: Activate Image mode answer options.


  • Add custom feedback to the question.

  • Emojis: Click on them to change.

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