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About Video

To add a video to a page, drag and drop the video activity symbol to your page.

There are three ways to add a video to your course:

  • Upload Video (hosted by Learnster).

  • Add from Library (pre-uploaded to your Learnster Library).

  • Paste URL (embedded from Youtube, Vimeo or TED Talk).

Upload Video

To upload a video file, click on the Upload Video icon and choose the video you wish to upload from your computer.

ℹ️ When uploading a video you can choose to go to video settings. Here you can adjust both video rotation and video quality before you upload your video.

Following video formats are supported in Learnster:

  • MP4

  • 3GP

  • AVI

  • AAC

  • MPEG-2

  • FLV

Add from Library

By clicking Add from Library you can choose from videos that has already been uploaded to your Learnster Library.

💡 Haven't got any videos in your library? Click here to learn more about how to use your library in Learnster.

Paste URL

To embed a video from an external source, click on Paste URL and enter the video URL/link.

You can embed videos from the following external video services:




Edit content

To edit your video settings, hover over the video and click on Edit content and a side panel will open.

In the side panel you can:

  • Choose a custom thumbnail (the image will show before the video starts).

  • Add a title and description (caption).

  • Choose video player size (small, regular or large).

  • Allow Forward Seeking (active by default). Uncheck the box if you want to prevent Learners from forwarding through videos.

  • Change the video (upload a new video or choose from your library).

  • Download the video.

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