In Library, you can create and save content that you can reuse and add to multiple courses

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In Library, you can create and save course content and add it to as many courses as you'd like. Adding content to Library is very useful if you're going to use the content in more than one course. It's also useful for reusing pages as "templates".

In the Library you're able to store:

ℹ️ You can also create and store quiz and survey questions to your Question Bank in Library. This allows you to fetch questions directly from your question bank when creating a new quiz or survey.

Create an item in Library

  1. Go to Studio and open the Library.

  2. Choose item in the left menu and then click the button New [item]

  3. Add your content and save.

The item is now listed in Library. In the assigned column you can see how many courses the item has been added to and in the reactions column you can see what your learners think about your content. To delete or duplicate the item, click on the More options menu (the three dots) to the right when you hover over the item in the list.

Add a Library page to a course

To add a page from Library:

  1. Open a course.

  2. Go to the course outline and click on Add Page from Library.

  3. A side panel will open up where you can search for Library items. Click on the item to add it to your course.

You can also click on Create New Page and search directly among your Library items.

ℹ️ The Library icon (a clip) shows that the page is attached to the Library.

Please note that a library item will be marked as completed if a user has finished it in a previous course. Detach the library item in the course to reset the progress.

Detach a Library item from a course

After adding a Library item to a course, you can detach it and it becomes a regular page and you can make any changes to it without affecting the Library item. You can't edit a Library item in a course if it's not detached but you can choose to Edit master Activity. If you edit the master item directly in the Library then this will affect all courses that are linked to the item.

You can also:

  • Save a page to Library

  • Update existing Library page

  • Save as a new page in Library

  • Duplicate the page

Group Library items

To manage many items more easily, you can create groups in your Library. With groups, you will be able to create folder-like groups to manage large quantities of items. Groups can be created for pages, quizzes, surveys and custom messages.

Create a Group and add Library items

  1. Go to Library. Choose item (page/quiz/survey/custom messages) in the left menu and click it.

  2. Hover over the item group headline in the left menu and click the + symbol.

  3. Name your group and click Submit.

To add Library items you can go to the list of Library items and hover over the item you want to add to a group and click Add to groups in the Groups column. A Library item can be added to multiple groups.

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