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About Audio

Use audio narration or a podcast to enhance the learning experience. Sometimes just listening might be the key for learning! Make sure to record good quality audio.

If you upload an audio file, a default sound-wave image will show, but you can also upload your own image.

Supported formats: mp3, mp4, mpeg, ogg and wav.

ℹ️ If you're talking about complicated matters, you might wanna add the speaker script to download for Learners who'd like to read while they're listening.

How to add Audio

To add Audio, drag and drop the Audio icon to the page. 

Click on Upload new to add an audio file.

To edit Audio

To edit, hover over the Audio area and click on Edit content and a side panel will open.

In the Edit panel you can:

  • Add caption.

  • Replace the audio file.

  • Add a custom thumbnail.

  • Change the Audio player size.

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