Text activity types

Learn about the activity types text, checklist and callout.

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About text activity types

Text activity types are used to add content to your course that consists of text. This content can be presented with three different activities:

ℹ️ You can also use interaction activity types such as hotspots, timeline, tabs and accordions to present text content in your course.

Text activity

A text activity consists of text that you want to share with your learners in a course.

To add a text activity, just drag and drop the text activity from the activity menu to the page and add your text. In the text editor in the bottom you can change text color, title sizes, add links, emojis, etc.

Image above: Extended menu with the Text activity types; Text, Checklist and Callout.

Edit your content

To edit a text activity, hover the mouse over the activity and click on Edit content. A popup window will appear on the right hand side. Here you can edit content and settings in your activity.

Checklist activity

Checking things off a list feels good and motivates most people! Use the Checklist activity to create a to-do list or a list of actions that a Learner may need to go through.
The checked boxes will be saved and stored in the platform.

ℹ️ Note that you as an administrator or team manager won't be able to track checked items. They're for the Learners well-being only.

You can also rearrange and change the order of your checklist items by using drag and drop as shown below.

Callout activity

The callout activity can be used for text content that you really want to highlight in your course. With the callout activity, you can choose and edit text color, background color and avatar icon.

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