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User Roles and Permissions
User Roles and Permissions

Learn more about the different User roles and how to use them.

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About User Roles and Permissions

There are 7 different User Roles in Learnster:

1. Learner

2. Instructor

3. Content Designer

4. Team Manager

5. Direct Manager

6. Admin

7. Super Admin

Each Role has different levels of permission and functionality.

ℹ️ You are able to adjust access and permission for the Roles; Instructor, Content Designer, Team Manager and Direct Manager. This allows you to tailor what each separate role are able to do in Learnster. Go to Role Permission Settings to learn more.

Add a User, assign and edit Roles

Follow the steps and watch the video below to learn how to register, assign and edit User Roles:

  1. Go to Studio > Users > All Users and click the + New Users button to start register new users.

  2. Add a new user by adding the name (first and last name), email address and select and assign a Role from the dropdown menu.

  3. To delete or add new Roles, open the user profile and adjust under Roles.

ℹ️ If you add Users with Bulk Upload, you add User Roles in the template.

All Users
This is all the registered users in your Learnster instance. When you add a User, they will get the Role Learner by default.

Learners are Users with access to your courses. Either through the Catalog or by being assigned to courses. Learners can only access Learnster U.

Instructor is a course management role. An Instructor has access to Learnster Studio and Learnster Nelson instructor app.

Content Designers
Content Designer is a course and content creator role. A Content Designer has access to Learnster Studio.

Team Manager
Team Managers are assigned to help manage specific groups of users assigned to different Teams.

Direct Manager

Direct Manager is used to create a team of actual Direct Reports. A Direct Manager Team is created automatically by assigning a user a Direct Manager. Learn more.

Administrators have almost full administrative permissions in Learnster.

Administrators can:

  • Access to Learnster U.

  • Access Learnster Studio.

  • Create new courses.

  • Access and manage course content.

  • Access and manage Course Settings.

  • Access and manage Library content.

  • Log into Learnster Nelson and access all existing courses.

  • Access and manage Learners, Course Progress or Course Analytics.

  • Access and manage Users.

  • Access and manage Tag and Tags Group.

  • Approve course enrollments from all users.

  • Access and manage categories, incl. translations

Administrators cannot:

  • Create other administrators or assign the Administrator role to users.

  • Access and manage general settings.

  • Access and manage Advanced Rules.

  • Access Customize (branding).

Super Administrators
Super Admins have the same permissions as Administrators plus that they can:

  • Create other administrators or assign the Administrator role to users

  • Access and manage general settings.

  • Access and manage Advanced Rules.

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