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Add Users with Bulk Upload
Add Users with Bulk Upload

Import several users at the same time by using a file template

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The most efficient way to upload many users at the same time is by using Bulk Upload. You will simply download a template, fill in the user information and then upload the file. The users will instantly receive a login notification. 

How to add user with Bulk Upload

1. Download the template:

  1. In Studio, go to >Users

  2. Click on >Import Learners.

  3. Click the link Download Bulk Template in the popup window.

2. Fill in the template:

The video below shows what the required fields that you need to fill with information. It's first name, last name and email address.

If you want to add other properties to a user you simply fill out these columns in the template. To assign tags, teams or roles to a user you need to fill out the columns exactly as in the template with the hashtags (#).

ℹ️ Make sure you have created the titles, companies, tags, teams, etc. in your Learnster platform before you upload the file! 💡

3. Upload the template

When the template is correctly filled in, you upload it to Learnster and your users will instantly receive a login notification. 

Advanced Settings

With Advanced Settings you can "Override users". This means that you can add a bulk upload file with users that already exists in your Learnster platform. This can be convenient if you have an existing bulk upload file where some of the users already exists in Learnster. Then you can choose "overriding users" which will result in new users from your bulk upload file being added to Learnster but existing users won't be affected.

Advanced settings can also be used if you want to add or change information for existing users in Learnster. For example, if you've uploaded file with users but didn't assign any Title or Teams. Then you can use the same bulk upload file and add data in the title and teams member columns. Then you simply go to advanced settings and choose to overwrite Title and Teams member (as shown in the image below) and upload your file. Now your users has been assigned with new titles and teams!

You can do the same thing with Tags and Roles but here you can choose to either omit, overwrite or append tags and roles.

  • Omit: do not make any changes to tags/roles for existing users

  • Overwrite: replace existing tags/roles with new tags/roles from bulk upload file

  • Append: keep both existing tags/roles and add new tags/roles

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