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Take course attendance and send customized messages directly from your smartphone.

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Why an instructor app?

Instructors can use the instructor app to report course attendance for scheduled course blocks directly from a smartphone. The attendance report will register in Learnster Studio. Other features in the app:

  • Find a list of assigned courses and their scheduled blocks.

  • Take course attendance for each course block.

  • Mark course participants as either pass or fail for a particular scheduled block.

  • Send customized one way messages.

Course configuration in Studio

There are a few required course settings (Course Progress Tracking modes) that you need to activate in Learnster Studio in order to make the courses available in the instructor app. 

In Learnster Studio, click and open the course and select the Settings/Course Information tab. Scroll down to find these settings:

  • Track progress: If course progress is not tracked, activities won't be marked as done and course progress statistics and certificates won't be available.

  • Manual approval: When manual approval is turned on, a course instructor or an administrator must manually approve whether the learner has passed the course. The course will not be moved to course history until it’s marked as approved (even if its course progress is at 100%), and will be moved to course history when marked as approved (even if its course progress is less than 100%).

  • Attendance: With attendance turned on, it’s possible for a course instructor or administrator to take attendance for each scheduled course block with the Learnster instructor app.

ℹ️ All three course progress tracking settings – tracking progress, manual approval and attendance – can be turned on or off independently for each course.

Install the Nelson app

You can download the Learnster instructor app from App Store or Google Play by clicking the buttons below or by searching for “Learnster” or “Learnster Nelson”.

Login to the app

To login and start using the app, follow the steps below:

  1. Start the app on your smartphone.

  2. Enter your Learnster vendor URL. This is the same as your domain or url address for your Learnster instance,

  3. Enter your login credentials.

  4. Choose a vendor (this option appears if your instance has multiple vendors).

App navigation

The instructor app is divided into three sections: Up Next, Your Courses and Settings. You find the navigation at the bottom of the app. Read about the navigation below.

Displays all the coming scheduled blocks in calendar order.
A list of your course blocks are presented despite the fact that they belong to the same or different courses.

  1. Click on a course block.

  2. Landing in a block page where you find information about that particular course block. You can also activate block reminders.

  3. To take attendance, click on the “Take Attendance” button.

  4. Register attendance in the list. By default all the course participants are pre-set as “Attending”. Mark the participant if they are absent only. Complete the attendance report by clicking on “Submit” from the top right hand side. You can always go back to edit your attendance report. 

This view displays all your courses in calendar order. When you click and open a course all the course blocks are presented.

In this section, you're able to mark the course participants as either Pass or Fail for an entire course, take or edit attendance. You can also send customized one way messages.

  1. Click on your courses icon in the bottom menu.

  2. Select a course.

  3. You're landing on a course page where you can get an overview of each course block as well as the enrolled learners (when you click on the tab Learner).

  4. To take or edit attendance, select and click on a block and then the pencil icon. 

  5. To send a message to your learners, click on the tab Learners and then the message icon. Select the learners you want to submit a message to and click Continue. Type your message.

  6. To mark course participants as either Pass or Fail, click on the tab Learners and then the award ribbon icon. Select a learner and mark Pass or Fail (to  the entire course) and click Submit.

In this section, you can control a few app settings:

  • Profile: Edit your user profile and change your password. The information you update will be updated in all the Learnster login pages.

  • Reminders: Set the time to get a reminder before your courses start.

  • Other: Switch to another vendor and sign out from the app.

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