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Questions and answers about the feature Resources in Learnster.

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In this article, we have gathered common questions regarding the Resources feature. To quickly find a topic, click the links below to automatically scroll down on the page:

Resources basics

What is Resources in Learnster?

The feature Resources enables you to share files such as videos, documents, and pages for quick and easy access at the point of need. Resources are shared from the Library and as soon as you share a media file or a page it "becomes" a resource.

What file formats can be a Resource?

A resource can be any media file or page stored in the Library. Media files can be images, videos, audio, documents, and SCORMs.

How can I share Resources?

You can share resources in three ways: as a single Resource, in a Collection, and as a Course Resource, and you can share to specific people, to one or multiple groups (using tags), or as a resource to one or multiple courses.

Click here to read how to create and share resources.

What is a Collection?

Collections allow you to easily group files and pages you want to share with your learners. A collection can be shared directly with your learners or as non-mandatory course material.

Click here to read how to create and share a collection.

Resources and progress

Is it possible to follow up on the progress of Resources?

No, resources progress is not tracked. The purpose of resources is not to follow up, but to make the content easily accessible for learners.

Do you have future plans to track progress on Resources?

Yes, this is something we are looking at, and depending on the usage of resources and feedback from our customers we will take this into consideration.

Resources and permissions

What permissions do you need to create and share Resources?

Since the feature Resources is a part of the Library, the permissions are the same as the Access library content. This means that if an admin or a Content designer has edit permissions for Access library content, they have permissions to manage resources.

Click here to read more about role permissions.

What can a Content designer view in the library when uploading resources?

It depends on the permission settings. When Content designers have read and write access they have the same full access to the library as an administrator. When Content designers have read-only access, they're only able to use library items but cannot edit or upload any.

Click here to read more about role permissions.

Resources and sharing

How do I share a Resource with ALL users?

To share resources with ALL your users, you need to make sure that all users are added to a tag. You would then run an automation rule to tag all users.

Click here to read how to add ALL users to a tag.

Why is it not possible to share quiz or survey as resources?

Resources are not meant to track progress but instead used to share smaller bits of information, or as non-mandatory content. Resources are not supposed to be consumed in the same way as courses, which can be completed and end up in course history. With resources, you add content that is easily accessible at all times.

Is it possible to share the same resource item in different places, for example in both a course and in a resource collection?

Yes, you can. Everything in the library (except quiz and survey) can be shared as a resource. The items can be shared in courses, shared as resources items, and in collections and you can share the same item in many places at the same time.

Other questions

Can I add Resources to the course outline?

Yes, you can add resources to a course by linking to a course resource.

Click here to read how to add course resources and links.

Are the categories created in the Resource section the same as Catalog categories?

No, the categories are separate. The Resources categories will only show in the My Resources section in Learnster U.

Click here to learn how to create and edit Resources categories.

Is it possible to schedule resources items? For example to make the items automatically unpublish after an x amount of days?

There is not a specific scheduling feature for resources, but it’s possible to schedule both courses and resources by using automation rules.

I would like to add a link to a pod in resources (as extra material in a course). How can I do this?

You don’t need to use resources for this. Instead, add links on a page in the course (by using the text activity).

When I add a resource, for example, an employee handbook, are notifications sent to the users?

No, at this point there are no notifications sent when adding resources, but we might consider developing this in future releases.

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