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An overview of Resources and its related features and settings.

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With Learnster Resources you can share media files, such as videos and documents, and pages, and make them easily accessible for your learners. With Resources, you don't need to package all content into courses but instead, you can share bits of knowledge and information.

What is a Resource?

A resource can be any media file or page stored in the Library. Media files can be images, videos, audio, documents, or SCORMs. Resources are shared from the Library and as soon as you share a media file or a page it "becomes" a resource. You can still use any Library item that is shared as a resource in courses, meaning that Library items can be used both in courses and as resources.

In a similar way as with courses, resources can be shared with a single user, multiple users, or a group of users via tags.

ℹ️ Resources progress is not tracked. The purpose of resources is not to follow up, but to make the content easily accessible for your learners.

How can I share Resources with my users?

You can share resources in three ways (click the links to automatically scroll down and find out how to create and share):

Share a single Resource ⬇

You can share a single Resource by simply choosing the users or tags you want to share the resource with. The single Resource will be added to the learner's My Resources page in Learnster U.

To share a single media file or page as a Resource:

  1. Go to the Library.

  2. Find the file or page you want to share.

  3. Hover over the file or page, and click the more menu (the three dots), and choose Share.

  4. In the right panel, share directly by adding users or by adding a tag.

Create and share a Collection ⬇

Resources can also be shared by adding them to a Collection. A collection is a named group of resources, which has its own section in the My Resources section in Learnster U. When sharing a collection, you share the full collection and not its individual resources.

To create and share a Collection:

  1. Go to the Library.

  2. Click on Resources.

  3. Click on All Collections.

  4. Click the button New Collection.

When the Collection is created, you can:

  • Add media files or pages from the Library.

  • Add a Collection name and description.

  • Share the Collection by adding a tag, directly with a user, or adding it to a course.

  • Add Resource Categories.

  • Choose to publish or unpublish it.

Add Course Resources ⬇

Resources can be added directly to courses in which case they will not be part of the mandatory course curriculum, but can rather be seen as extra material that can, for instance, be used as non-mandatory material. Both single resources and collections can be used as course resources. All learners assigned to the course will automatically have access to the resources in the Course Resources tab in Learnster U.

To add Resources to a course:

  1. Open a course.

  2. Click the tab Resources.

  3. Click + Add Resources to add media files, pages, or collections.

Reference a course resource:

One way of using course resources is to put non-mandatory material as resources and reference the material by linking from a course page to the resource.

To link to course resources:

  1. In the Resources tab, hover your mouse cursor over the resource.

  2. Click the icon Copy link to your clipboard.

  3. Go to a course page and add the link in the text.

The Resources section in Library ⬇

In the Resources section in Library, you can create and manage collections and get an overview of all your shared resources. This is also where you create Resources categories (these are separate from the Catalog categories).

Collections overview

To edit and manage a Collection, click to open it.

Shared items overview

Select a file to view sharing information and edit the file.


To create a new Category, hover over "Categories" and click the plus icon. To edit existing Categories, hover over and click the more menu (the three dots).

How do Resources look for Learners in Learnster U? ⬇

Learners have access to resources either via the My Resources section from the top menu (for resources shared as single Resources and/or as Collections)...

ℹ️ The menu option will only be visible if any resources have been shared with the learner.

...or via the Resources tab on the course information page.

ℹ️ The tab will only be visible if resources have been added to the course.

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