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Everything you need to know to start using your Learnster platform!

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Welcome to Learnster! πŸ’œ

In this article, we've gathered all you need to get a good start with your Learnster platform! Step 1 includes a video tutorial where you'll learn about navigation and how to create a course. In steps 2 and 3, you will find links to articles that explain how to customize and set up your platform, and how to get ready for launch. We hope you will enjoy your Learnster experience!

⭐ 1. Get started with Learnster

In the video tutorial below you will in 5 steps learn how to:

  1. Navigate in Learnster

  2. Create a course

  3. Assign and Publish the course

  4. Add new user

  5. Follow up on Progress

βš™οΈ 2. Customize (brand) and set up your Learnster platform

Get your platform ready for your users! To make sure the platform matches your branding and to set up the platform, read these articles:

πŸš€ 3. Prepare for launch

When you've created your first course, and it's time to share your fabulous content – then you're ready to follow the 4 steps below to prepare for launch:

  1. Customize notifications (the email messages to your Learners).

  2. Add Users (your Learners)

Good job! πŸ’ͺ You've launched your first course!

To get to know the platform even more, search for more articles from the top of this page or check out these articles:

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