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How you add Users before course launch

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Let's add users to your platform 👋 . In Learnster you add Users and they all get the role Learner, which means they can get assigned to courses.  

There are 5 different ways to add Users to Learnster. For testing and if you're only adding a few Users, focus on options 1 or 2 below.

1. Add a single User

When to use: When you want to add one or a few users, for example when you're testing a course or assigning a course to a smaller number of people.

How: In Studio, go to Users > Learners and click on + New Learner. In the popup-window, fill in first and last name and email address. The Learner will then receive a notification with login to your platform (the message Welcome to Learnster).

ℹ️ The invitation link in the message "Welcome to Learnster" is active for 90 days.

2. Add many Users with Bulk upload

When to use: When you want to add many users at once, and also when you're using Tags and/or want to add a Learner to a specific Team.

How: You download a template, which you fill in and upload to Learnster. It's called Bulk upload and this is how to do it:

1. Download the template:

  1. In Studio, go to Users

  2. Click on Import Learners.

  3. Click on the link Download Bulk Template in the popup window.

2. Fill in the template:

The video below shows the basic information you need to fill in, which is first and last name and email address.

ℹ️ To quickly assign courses we recommend using Tags.

3. Upload the template

When the template is correctly filled in, you upload it to Learnster and your Users will instantly receive a login notification (the Welcome to Learnster message). 

3. Magic link

When to use: When you want to link directly to a course and let the Users register themselves.

You can invite users to Learnster using a Magic link. The link will send users to a web page where they register themselves instead of you adding them manually. You can create several magic links and assign tags to the different links to help assign users to the correct courses.

Learn more about Magic Link here.

4. Teams

When to use: When you're using the function Teams and let Team Managers add Learners. 

ℹ️ Make sure that your Team Managers have the right permission settings to be able to add new users.

5. API integration

When to use: When you need an integration with another system, for example, your company's AD or HR system.

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