Use Tags to mark up different user groups and automate when courses are assigned to the different groups of users.

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About Tags

Tags are labels you create to help organize your users and courses. By using Tags you can create an automation that triggers how courses are assigned to specific groups or users.

When set up correctly, and together with smart enrollment, you'll be able to save loads of time and energy, and create a smooth and relevant learning experience for your learners!

To create a tag:

  1. Go to Studio > Automation > Tags.

  2. To create a tag, click the button New Tag.

  3. Add a Tag Name.

  4. Add Users and/or Courses to the tag by clicking Tag user(s)/course(s)

💡 You can also add tags directly to a user in their user card or to a course in the course settings.

You can add multiple tags to both users and courses. You can also add a Tag to a Team. This action will assign the tag to all users in the team.

  1. Go to Users in the main menu.

  2. Click on Teams in the user menu.

  3. Choose a team and click Add one or multiple tags to this team.

  4. Click Save & Quit.

Tag Groups

To be able to easier oversee and manage your tags you can create folder-like groups. This helps if you find yourself with a large quantity of tags.

Create groups and add tags

  1. Open Studio, choose Automation in the left menu and click Tags.

  2. Hover over the Tag Groups headline in the side menu and click the + symbol that appears next to it.

  3. Name your new group and click Submit.

  4. Go to Tags and click on the tag you want to add to a group.

  5. Click Add to group and choose what group to add the tag to.

  6. Now the tag is shown in the group under Tag Groups.

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