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Send notifications to your Learners to remind them of start date, deadlines or new tasks!

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About course reminders

Use reminders to send notifications to your Learners to remind them of start dates, deadlines, or new blocks that have been published. To activate course reminders, go to >Course Settings >Reminders. There are four different reminders that you can use:

Course Start

To use a Course Start reminder you need to have a scheduled block in your course. The start date will automatically be the earliest scheduled date in your course.

Course Deadline

To use Course Deadline reminder you first need to set a deadline for your course. This is done in >Course Settings >General >Course Deadline. Turn on Course Deadline and choose a date or amount of days to use as deadline.

Please note: Reminders are sent to Learners where status is not "Completed" - independant of progress

After Block Published

To use this reminder you need to activate Scheduled Publishing for this block that should trigger the reminder. This is done in Block Settings. Turn on Scheduled Publishing and choose to publish Manually or at Selected date and make sure that you've checked "Yes" under Send message when block is published. This will enable a reminder to be sent to your learners after the block is published.

Block Deadlines

In Block Settings you can also set deadlines for specific blocks. This will enable the Block Deadline reminders. Open Block Settings, click "Yes" under Deadline and pick a date to set as Block Deadline, and check "Yes" under Send Notification. If a learner doesn't complete the block before the block deadline a reminder will be sent out.

Enable Course Reminders

When using reminders, you also have to make sure that you've activated the reminder messages in your general settings. If the system messages are deactivated in your general settings, they will not be sent to your learners. You'll find the settings for the system messages by going to >Settings >System Messages >Course reminders.

ℹ️ Please note that these settings are only available for admins in Learnster.

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