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System Messages

How to customize the messages that are sent to your Learners.

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About system messages

System messages are automated emails and notifications that are sent to your Learners when certain events occur, for example when Learners are registered, assigned to courses, or other important events. To learn more about the different system messages, go to Notification Groups.

They are listed in Settings > System Messages. The system messages can be customized with your text and will be sent out with your branding if you've added a logo in the email notification section in Customize. Depending on your settings, system messages are sent by email or as SMS messages.

ℹ️ SMS messages may lead to additional costs due to traffic charges. To use SMS messages, you first need to activate it in General settings.

Settings descriptions

  • Send as: Choose between email, SMS, or both.

  • Status: Activate/deactivate a system message with the toggle switch. If a system message is not activated, it will not be sent.

  • Language: Edit the system message in the selected language. Messages will only be sent for languages that are activated and used.

  • Email subject: Edit the system message subject.

  • Your message (email): Edit the system message for email.

  • Your SMS: Edit the system message for SMS.

Message codes

Message codes are used to personalize system messages and to provide links to the platform. Drag and drop them into your messages. 

❗️ Please be careful not to remove necessary message codes, such as login and course links.

Available message codes for each system message:

FIRST NAME: First name of the system message recipient.

LAST NAME: Last name of the system message recipient.

COURSE NAME: Title of the course.

INSTRUCTOR NAME: Name of course instructor.

COURSE START DATE: Start date of a scheduled course.

COURSE LOCATION: Location of a scheduled course.

DIRECT LINK TO THE COURSE: Clickable link to the course.

ℹ️ Training Provider system messages fetches data directly from your Learnster Settings. Go to > Settings > General to view or edit training provider name, phone and email.

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