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Notification groups

An overview of notifications in Learnster

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About notification groups

Below is a list of standard notifications available in Learnster. They are divided into different groups to help you understand when and what triggers the different notifications.

ℹ️ Go to Notifications to learn more about how to use notifications in Learnster.

Pre-boarding and onboarding

  • Welcome to Learnster message

  • User moved from a pre-boarding account to their onboarding state

Course enrollment

  • Learner enrolled on/added to a course

  • Learner enrolled on/added to multiple courses

  • Learner invited to scheduled event via calendar

ℹ️ Course enrollment notifications should be set to "Send only if logged in once".

Course enrollment with manual approval

  • Course enrollment to manager for approval

  • Course enrollment was approved

  • Course enrollment was rejected

  • Course is full, learner added to waitlist

  • Learner's course enrollment waiting manager approval

Instructor/course admin approvals

  • Assignment activity waiting for review

  • Assignment marked as correct by Instructor

  • Assignment marked as incorrect by Instructor

  • Instructor has marked course as failed

Course reminders

  • Course block date is updated

  • Course block deadline has passed reminder

  • Course block deadline is approaching reminder

  • Course deadline has passed reminder

  • Course deadline is approaching reminder

  • Session Block Published (new block published in course)

  • Your course is about to start reminder

Course completion

  • Learner completed a course

  • Learner completed a course without a certificate

Course suggestions

  • Course Suggestion realized

  • Course Suggestion sent

Password reset

  • Admin forgot password

  • Learner forgot password

Offboarding Learners

  • Student account is about to be deleted

E-commerce (for selected customers only)

  • Book a course, learner enrolled on a blended/scheduled course

  • Book a course, learner enrolled on an online/not scheduled course

  • Card payment receipt

  • Invoice payment receipt

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