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Course certificate settings and branding.

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About course certificate

When a learner has finished a course, a certificate will be available for download (in pdf-format). Below you can see an example of a Learnster certificate. In this article you will learn how to adjust settings and branding for your learners' certificate.

ℹ️ Course name and participant name are automatically generated to the certificate.

Certificate settings

To add information or change the settings, go to Course Settings > Certificate. See below for more detailed settings descriptions.

  • Certificate on completion: Choose to enable certificate for this course.
    - Yes: certificate will be available for this course.
    - No: certificate will not be available for this course.

  • Certificate logo: You can use a custom certificate logotype per course. If a course-specific logotype is not used, the default logotype from Settings > Customize > Certificate > Logotype will be used.

  • Certificate description: Add a course description that will be displayed on the certificate. Maximum 1000 characters.

  • Course instructor: Add the name of the course instructor. Click on the empty field to select the course instructor from a list of instructors. The course instructor name is displayed on the certificate per default. Click Use a custom name use if you wish to use a course-specific custom name for the course instructor.

    💡 If you want to add a signature, make sure to upload the instructor’s signature in Users > Instructors.

  • Issuer name: Add the name of your organization or the organization you want to use as the issuer for the certificate.

  • Issued date: Choose if the course completion date or the date of the user's last finished activity should be used as Issued date.

  • Show course length: Choose if you want to include course length in the certificate.

Certificate branding

To customize the certificate's branding, go to Studio > Settings > Customize. These are your default settings which will be used if you haven't specified other in the certificate settings on course-level.

Logotype: Upload a default logotype to be displayed in the certificate. Supported formats are .jpg, .jpeg and .png with a maximum height of 50 pixels.

Participant name: The color of the course participant name.

Issued by: Type a default Issued by name. This name will be displayed on the certificate if there's no instructor assigned to the course and no custom name is used.

Display signature: If the assigned instructor has uploaded a signature, it will be displayed on the certificate. To add this, upload a signature image to the Instructor’s profile settings (in .png format).

Preview course certificate

You can preview the certificate for each of your courses. Open your course and go to >Settings >Certificate >Preview Certificate.

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