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Learn how to structure your course content and start adding content.

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About the Course Outline

The course outline is where you structure your course and start adding course content. To open, click on the tab Create when you've created a course name.

How the Course Outline works

Before we deep dive into course structuring, let’s recap a few important terms:


The timeline is the “wall” where you structure all your course material including blocks, topics, and pages.


A block is a group of topics and pages. A block can be a:

  • Scheduled (normally onsite or web-based classroom courses).

  • Unscheduled (normally self-study online courses).


Topics are groups of Pages within a Block and you can have several topics within the same block. Topics are optional.


Pages are where you add the course content. You simply drag-and-drop activity types to the page, for example videos, text, images, links, interactions, etc or a mixture of different activity types.


Content are course materials such as videos, documents, links, interactions and quizzes that are published in a page.

Create a course structure

To start adding content, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create the first block.
    – Click on any of the preselected blocks.
    Select if you want to create a “Scheduled” (day/date) or “Unscheduled” (online) block.
    If you want to create additional scheduled and unscheduled blocks click on “+ Add block” button located at the bottom left-hand side of the last block.

  2. Create course topics (optional)
    A topic is a divider that can be used to group pages.

  3. Create new or add existing pages.
    Click on Add page>From library below the current activities to add an existing page from the page library.
    A sidebar will open with a list of available pages from the library. You can also click on "Search library" and start typing. You will get a list of existing pages if what you type matches existing library pages.

    Press ENTER to create your new activity. Click on “+ Add content” button to add content to the new activity.

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