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Use Analytics to measure, analyze, and gather data and use for enhancing the learning experience and overall impact of your Learnster vendor

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About Analytics

Analytics is a feature providing comprehensive data analysis and reports for user and course data within a Learnster vendor.

To go to Analytics: In Studio, click the Analytics icon in the left panel and click Overview or Reports.

๐Ÿ’กOnly super-admins and admins can view Analytics in Studio.

Analytics includes two sections:


The Overview dashboard shows data happening right now and over time on your Learnster vendor. The Overview gives you unique data insight into course enrollments and user engagement and can help you track trends over time enabling data-driven decisions for optimization.


In Reports, you have access to detailed user and course data, all gathered in one place. With data columns and advanced filters, you can customize the reports to include only relevant data. The reports can be shared with managers and others in your organization.

Note: Analytics is only available on specific pricing plans or as an add-on feature.

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