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Learnster Studio version 13 release notes.

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v13 is an unusual Learnster release. This release is fully dedicated to one set of features - the Learnster Resources functionality πŸ₯³.

Learnster Resources

With Learnster Resources, we want to open up completely new possibilities to share knowledge and information πŸ™Œ Up until now, if you wanted to share a bit of content with your learners you had to include this content as part of a course. For education and training, this is naturally what you want. But sometimes, it might be useful to be able to share content in smaller bits. Perhaps you would like to share all your IT and other policy documents to be easily accessed by your learners, or have a video message for your employees from your senior management, or a series of podcasts that might be interesting for your sales team. None of these are training or courses but might still be valuable information and knowledge, and with Learnster Resources you can easily share these. You can share them in a way that is simple to administer for you and simple to access for your learners.

To start exploring and using Resources, please view these articles:
➑️ Learnster Resources

➑️ Resources FAQ

Other changes

  • We have added Russian to the set of available languages in Learnster U.

  • The language and phrasing of the default notifications have been updated. Only default notifications are affected by this. Any notifications that you have customized will not be changed.

We hope you will enjoy this release! πŸ’œ

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