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Learn how to follow up on your Learners' course progress.

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In Course Progress, you'll find detailed information about how far your Learners have come in a course. You can, for example, reset activity pages and manually mark a course as complete. And, if someone seems stuck, you can send them an encouraging direct message 📣.

How to find Progress:

  1. Go to Studio and open your course in the list.

  2. Click on the tab Learners, and then the tab Progress.

  3. Click on a Learner in the list.

  4. Check the progress in the list on the right hand side.

Check the Learner Progress

In Progress you can follow your Learners on a very detailed level – all the way down to what activity page they're done with and their quiz results.

ℹ️ To view quiz and survey results, click on them in the list to open up the responses.

In Progress you can also:

  • Send direct messages to the Learner.

  • Set the Course Progress to 0% or 100%

  • Set the Course Status to Completed or Uncompleted.

  • Manually mark activity pages as complete.

  • Reset an activity page. ℹ️ If you want to reset the full course progress for a learner you need to reset all activities in the course.

  • Download a Progress report

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