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Learn how to check your Learner Progress and download Reports

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When your Learners have been assigned and started to work on a course, you surely want to check their progress! If you just assigned your course, there's not much progress done yet, but check below to see where to find it and what it looks like.

In course settings you can track progress in two places: in the tabs Learners and Progress:

ℹ️ For more details about Progress, check Course Progress.

Get a progress overview

In the tab Learners, you'll find an overview of the progress:

  1. Go to Studio and open your course.

  2. Click on the tab Learners.

  3. You'll see the Learner progress in percentage in the Status column (see image below).

In the tab Learners you can:

  • View progress status in percentage.

  • Send messages (individually or to all).

  • Manually set the progress to 100%.

  • Manually mark the course as failed.

  • Manually mark the course as passed.

  • Download an attendance list.

  • Download a progress report.

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