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I've added new content to a course – how can I let my Learners know?
I've added new content to a course – how can I let my Learners know?

Find out how you can send messages to your Learners about new course content.

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On a sunny afternoon ☀️ you might have more lovely learning content to share in an already published course. So is there a way to send a message to your Learners about the new content? Yes! You can control this in Scheduled publishing in Block settings.

To edit Scheduled publishing in Block settings

To manually publish a block, do like this:

  1. Open a course and go to the course outline.

  2. Find the block you'd like to set to manually publish.

  3. Click on More options (the three dots) and choose Settings in the dropdown menu.

  4. Next to Schedule publishing choose Yes.

  5. Next to Send message when block is published choose Yes.

ℹ️ You can also choose to publish the block when the Learner has completed the previous block or on a specific date.

Prepare the message

To make sure that the message about a new block being published is sent properly, you need to double-check two things:

1. Go to course settings and Reminders. Make sure the option "After Block Published" is on (green toggle).

2. Go to Studio > Settings > Notifications and look for the notification 'Session Block Published' on page 2. Make sure it's set to on (green toggle) and edit the message text if you'd like.

Now you're ready to go, but it's always good to test before launch so try it out on a few friends before the real deal 🤩

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