Course Learners

View and manage Learners who are assigned to a course.

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In the Learners tab you can view the Learners that are assigned to the course.

Learner's list view

The list view shows the following information:

  • Name: The Learner's name.

  • Enrolled: Course registration date and time.

  • Progress: Percentage of course completed.

  • Status: Not started, in progress, waiting for approval or completed.

  • Completion date: Date when learner completed the course.

  • More options menu (the three dots): Additional features (find more information below).

Adding Learners

In the Learner's tab, you can manually assign the course to Learners, but you first need to register them as Users.

To add a Learner, follow these steps:

  • Click the + Add Learner button.

  • From the popup window, select or search for a Learner.

  • Click the Add Learner button in the popup window.

When adding a new Learner, Learnster will automatically send a notification welcoming the Learner to the course (if the notification is activated).

Send message to Learners

You can send custom messages to a Learner or to a group of Learners.

To send a message to all the Learners assigned to a course, follow these steps:

  • Check the box next to the Learner(s) you would like to send a message to.

  • Click on the Send message icon.

  • Your default email client will open with all marked learners added as recipients (for this to work you need to check your settings on your computer to make sure you've chosen a default email client).

  • Enter your message and send out to your learners.

Additional features

You can find additional features by clicking on the more options menu (the three dots) on the right hand side of each listed participant.

  • Send message: Create and send custom messages to the Learner.

  • Edit Learners: Edit the Learner information. A new popup will be displayed.

  • Remove: Remove (unregister) a Learner from the course.

  • Set to 0%: Reset the course progress to 0%.

  • Set progress to 100%: Manually change the course progress to 100%.

ℹ️ Depending on what Completion Criteria you've set for the course, you might get some additional options in this menu.

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