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Let your users register themselves with Magic links (previously Invitation link).

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You can invite users to Learnster using a Magic link. The link will send users to a web page where they register themselves to Learnster instead of you adding them manually, for example, with bulk upload. You can create several magic links and assign tags to the different links to help assign users to the correct courses.

Create a Magic link

  1. In Studio, go to Users

  2. Click on Magic Link.

  3. Click the blue button in the bottom that says Add Magic Link.

  4. Add the required information, assign potential tags and adjust the settings if needed.

  5. Copy the link and share it with your future learners.

Assign tags to Magic Links

When using Magic links it's common to assign tags to the links. When a learner registers through the link they will then get assigned the same tags that is assigned to the Magic link they use. This also allows you to create individual magic links for specific user groups and assign the correct tags to each link. With tags you can assign courses and create automation rules to quickly help your learners get started with Learnster. Learn more about tags here.

Number of invites

Here you can decide how many users should be able to register through each specific link. If you reach the maximum amount of invites then the link doesn't allow more users to register through that link.

ℹ️ The default maximum number of invites is 50. If you need to increase the maximum number of invites, please contact for assistance.

Link expires on

Do you want your link to expire and not allow any more users to register after a certain date? Then you can set a date for the link to expire on to stop more users to register from that date forward. This setting is optional but is helpful to keep control over which and how many users that are registering to your Learnster platform.

ℹ️ Tip: if you need a shorter link, you can use a URL shortening tool such as Bitly.

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