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At Learnster, we believe in the power of seamless integration to enhance your learning experience. Our Public API opens up a world of possibilities for you to integrate and automate various aspects of our platform.

Key Features of the Learnster API:

User Management: Easily manage users (referred to as "Students" in our API), including creating, updating, and deleting user profiles.

Course Management: Access and manage course data, including listing available courses (referred to as "Sessions") and enrolling students.

Custom Attributes and Tags: Customize user profiles and courses with tags and custom attributes, adding more depth to your data.

Authentication: Secure and straightforward authentication using OAuth2, ensuring safe access to the API.

Data Analysis: Export comprehensive lists of user data, including teams, tags, and course history (referred to as "Sessions") , to better understand user engagement and performance.

Getting Started Is Easy:

Generate Your Client Credentials: Create a new client application in Learnster Studio to get your unique Client ID and Client Secret.

Authenticate and Receive Your Token: Use your credentials to authenticate and receive a token for accessing the API.

Start Making API Calls: Use the token to make authorized calls to our API and start integrating!

Where to Find More Information:

Introduction to our API: Can be found here (https://learnsterpublicapi.docs.apiary.io/)

Detailed API Documentation: For specific instructions and endpoint details, check out our comprehensive Swagger documentation. Visit https://your-workspace-url.learnster.com/api/public/v1/swagger/

​Frequently asked questions: You can find some of our most frequently asked questions in this article here.
​Need help? Our customer support team is always here to assist you with any questions or integration support. Create a ticket in Studio, by going to Support in the bottom left corner:

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