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Frequently Asked Questions about our API

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1. What is the Learnster API?

Learnster's API is a set of programming instructions and standards that allows your software to communicate with Learnster's platform. It enables the integration of Learnster's functionalities into your existing systems, automation of tasks, and more efficient management of e-learning content and users.

2. How do I start using the Learnster API?

To start using the API, you'll first need to generate client credentials in the Learnster Studio under Settings > Integrations > API. This will provide you with a Client ID and Client Secret. You'll then use these credentials to authenticate and receive an access token, which allows you to make API calls.

3. Is the Learnster API secure?

Absolutely. Learnster's API employs OAuth2 protocol for authentication, ensuring that access to your data is secure and controlled. The API also uses HTTPS for secure communication over the network.

4. Can I manage users through the API?

Yes, the API provides comprehensive user management capabilities. You can create, update, and delete user profiles, and manage their roles, tags, and teams.

5. How do I manage courses through the API?

Courses, referred to as "Sessions" in the API, can be managed by listing available courses, enrolling students in courses, and accessing course statistics and data.

6. What are custom attributes and tags in the API?

Custom attributes and tags offer additional customization for user profiles and courses. They allow you to attach specific data or labels to users and courses, enhancing the depth and utility of the information you manage.

7. How do I handle token expiration and renewal?

Access tokens provided for API access are valid for a limited time (5 minutes). Your system should be designed to automatically refresh these tokens or handle token expiration by requesting a new token when needed.

8. Where can I find detailed documentation for each API endpoint?

Detailed documentation, including specific instructions and endpoint details, is available in our Swagger documentation. You can access it at https://your-workspace-url.learnster.com/api/public/v1/swagger/. An introduction to key concepts can be found here: https://learnsterpublicapi.docs.apiary.io/

9. Who do I contact for support or further questions?

If you have any further questions or need support with the API, our customer support team is ready to assist you. You can contact them through your Learnster account.

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