Learnster U App – v2

Version 2 of the Learnster U App that includes Teams and Resources.

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Earlier this year, we launched the Learnster U App 📲, designed specifically for Learners to explore courses and enjoy their learning experience anywhere. In this version of the app, we've added support for Learnster Teams, making it a great tool for your Managers to administer and follow up on their team members. We're also adding the feature Resources to offer additional content to your Learners' learning experience in the app.

Learnster Teams in App

In the Learnster U App, you can view and administer both regular Teams and Direct Manager Teams. If you're an Admin, Team Manager, or Direct Manager, you will see the Teams option in the app's bottom menu. You have the same features and options available for Teams in the Learnster U App as you have if you log in to Learnster U in your web browser.

Slide to show options

As mentioned, all options are available in the Learnster U App, but it might be little bit tricky to find some of them in the beginning since the layout is slightly different. A great tip is to slide to the left over the user you want to manage. When sliding you will see the "More" option. So sliding is the way if you want to assign courses, mark the learner as completed, remove the learner from the course, and more 🤓.


If you have been assigned any shared content, you will see the Resources option in the bottom menu in the Learnster U App. Resources in the app work in the same way as they do if you're using Learnster U in a browser, with only a few visual differences. Simply click into your Resources to view any of the content that's been shared with you!

💡 If you're not familiar with Resources yet and want to learn more, you can check out this article!

Download the app

The Learnster U App is available for download on App Store and Google Play.

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