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Learnster v20 release notes.

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Version 20 is here, and Learnster is officially in its’ 20’s 🥳. To celebrate, we’ve put our efforts into some deep and meaningful self-care. This means that we've dedicated this version to performance optimization and bug fixing, and there are only a few visible changes. So, we'll keep it short and sweet and let you head into the summer season ☀️.


Performance optimization

As has already been stated, this is the 20th version of Learnster. During this period, we've grown a lot and continue to grow, meaning we continuously increase users and usage. Which is awesome!! 🎉 But, to make sure we provide the same great experience in Learnster for all of our users, we need to increase the amount of horsepower in our motor. Performance optimization helps us do this and lets you grow your team in Learnster!

Bug fixes and copy changes

We have introduced a whole lot of new features in the many versions of Learnster, and we've been lucky to get a lot of feedback from our users on what we build. In v20, features such as Compliance, Teams in U, Smart Enrollment, and Learnster U app have gotten some extra attention together with minor fixes for a bunch of other features. We've also corrected some reported bugs and updated the copy for several available languages. Based on user feedback, we hope this will provide an even better experience of our platform 🙏.


  • Updates in API to support upcoming features in the Learnster U app. (FAQ - Learnster U app).

  • Improved support added to handle the completion of Blue Billywig videos.

Feel free to check out the release notes for our previous versions here! 🤩

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