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Add all users to a course
Add all users to a course

Learn how to add all your users to a course by adding them to a tag.

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Want to add all users to a course? Then this article is for you!

Tags are labels used to group and organize your users and courses. One way to use a tag is to add a group of users to a course. By adding a tag to a course, the users added to that tag will be assigned to the course as learners. Sometimes you want ALL your users to be assigned to a course. To do this you first need to:

  1. Create a tag and

  2. Add the users to the tag.

How to create a tag with all users

To create a tag and add it to all users, follow the steps below:

  1. In Studio, go to Automation > Tags.

  2. Click New Tag.

  3. Name your tag and click Add tag.

Now that you've created a tag, it's time to add your users to the tag. This is done by using Automation Rules.

  1. Go to Automation > Advanced rules.

  2. Click New Automation Rule.

  3. Set rule condition to Condition is always true.

  4. Choose rule actions Add user to tag and select the tag you created.

  5. Click Save Changes to activate the automation rule. This means that all new users in Learnster from this point will be added to the tag.

  6. Click Run Actions to add all existing users to the tag.

If you completed all the steps above, you now have a tag with all users! 🎉

Add your tag to a course

Now it's time to add the tag to the course that you want all your learners to get enrolled to:

  1. Open Studio and go to your course.

  2. Go to the Settings tab and scroll down to Tags.

  3. Click Click to add tags and choose your tag with all users.

Done! Now all your learners are added to the course ✅

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