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Learn how to create and use Custom Messages

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About Custom Messages

In your Library you are able to create your very own Custom Messages! With custom messages you can compose messages that you want to send to specific user groups, for example users in a single course, with a specific tag or in a certain team. This can be done with the help of Actions and Automation Rules 🙌

To create your own Custom Messages in Studio, go to > Library > Custom Messages.

Use Custom Messages in Actions

When you have created a Custom Message in your Library you can easily add them to your Actions in different courses. Actions is used to send messages to Learners in a specific course.

  1. Go to your course and create an Action.

  2. When clicking "Add Action" choose "Send predefined message".

  3. Click "Choose message from Library" and choose your custom message!

Never used Actions? 🤔 Check out this article about Actions to learn more!

Use Custom Messages in Automation Rules

You can also use your Custom Messages together with Automation Rules. With automation rules you don't need to limit your message to users within a specific course. You can send messages to users with a specific tag, are members of a certain team or has completed a course. The options are almost unlimited!

  1. Go to >Automation >Advanced rules and create a New Automation Rule.

  2. Choose rule conditions to specify what users should receive your message.

  3. In rule actions, choose "Send Notification" and choose your custom message.

  4. Click "Save Changes".

In the example below, when clicking "Save Changes", this message will be sent to all users that completes the course Entrepreneurship Master Class in the future. If you want to send the message to users that has already completed the course before adding your automation rule, just click "Run Actions".

💡 Please check out this article to learn more about Automation Rules

Test Custom Messages

You can easily test how your messages looks for the receiver. When clicking the Test message button, the message will be sent to the email of the user that clicks the button.

ℹ️ Please note that when testing custom messages the test messages won't include short code data. Also, if you are using course specific short codes you need to use Actions and not Automation Rules.

ℹ️ Please note: At this point, it's only possible to test custom messages and not system messages (Settings/Notifications). Similar support for testing system messages will be added in future releases.

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