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Release notes for the Learnster 1.5 release - Learnster Studio

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The 1.5 release is one of our largest releases to date. This release brings a large number of tweaks, changes and new functionality in both Learnster Studio and Learnster U.

Learnster Quiz & Survey

This release includes a completely new quiz and survey engine with rich testing, quiz and survey functionality. This is not an evolution of the current quiz functionality, but rather a completely new set of functions built from the ground up.

⚠️ Please note that quizzes created with the old quiz functionality will keep working and you will be able to edit them. You will however not be able to create new quizzes based on the old quiz tool set. Learnster will keep support for old quizzes for no shorter than 6 months after the 1.5 release. ⚠️

With Learnster's Quiz & Surveys you are able to create advanced tests, quizzes or surveys with an easy to use drag and drop interface. You can choose between a rich set of question types including Matrix, Match, Slider, Assignment and Rating question types. You can let your learners upload documents, sound or video files as answers. You can also have image-based answers. It is also possible to create a visually nice first page of your quiz or survey, by adding a background image.

Quiz & Survey Analytics

We have also built in advanced statistics and follow-up functions both on group level...

...and individual level.

We have also included a Question Bank function so you can create a bank of test, quiz and survey questions and then quickly and effortlessly create new tests, quizzes or surveys based on questions from your question bank.

Follow your Learner's Progress

In order to follow your Learner's progress and activity more closely, we have added a detailed view of each Learner's activity on each course. Under each course you will find a new Progress tab where you can quickly get a more detailed overview of your Learner's progress but also dig into details for each individual Learner.

New Tag Rule Actions

 We have added four new Tag Rule Actions.

  • Remove Scheduled Action - this action can be used to clear actions that has been scheduled to run in the future but has not been executed yet.

  • Set progress to 100% -  this action sets course progress to 100%.

  • Set course as Failed - this action sets the course as Failed.

  • Set course as Passed - this action sets the course as Passed. 

Reverse Tag Rules actions

By enabling the "Reverse actions when not true" setting, executed Tag Rule actions will be reversed when the Rule Tag's conditions are not true any longer.

For example, if you have a Tag Rule with the following conditions and action:

This adds all employees that are project managers to the "Project Managers" Team. If "Reverse actions when not true" is enabled, employees that have been assigned to the "Project Managers" team by this rule will automatically be removed from this team if they change positions from project managers to a different role.

Library Changes

We have redesigned the Library to make room for more library items, and to make the Library easier to browse and use.

Direct Links in Multiple Course Assignment Email 

We have improved the [courses_list] message variable used in the Learner enrolled on/added to multiple courses system message. The course list variable now includes not only the course names, as before, but also direct (deep) links to the assigned courses.

Attendance & Pass/Fail in Teams/Learners view

The Learners view in Teams now includes Attendance and course Pass/Fail data.

Changes to Video Activities

It's now possible to change/swap URLs for Embedded Videos and re-upload/change hosted videos.

Categories for My Courses

In previous versions, Course Categories were only applied in the Course Catalog. Starting the 1.5 release, Course Categories are also visible under My Courses. 

Change order of items in Accordions, Tabs and Timeline

 It is now possible to change the order, using drag and drop, of items in Accordions, Tabs and Timeline.

Updated Bulk Upload File

The multi-user/bulk upload file has been updated.

This is it for this time! We hope you will enjoy this release. And please don't hesitate contacting us if you have any questions. 💜

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