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Release notes for the Learnster 1.5 release - Learnster U

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The 1.5 release is one of our largest releases to date. This release brings a large number of tweaks, changes and new functionality in both Learnster Studio and Learnster U.

Categories under My Courses

Course Categories can now be used, not only in the Course Catalog, but also for My Courses.

Categories is a flexible way to organize courses into sections or topics. A course can be part of zero or many categories. The first category in Learnster U will always be "All Courses", which includes all active courses.

As in the Course Catalog, the categories that will be displayed for a given Learner is not fixed, and only relevant categories will be shown. For instance, let's say that your organization has ten defined categories (see below), and a Learner has three assigned courses, and these three courses belong to two different categories. In this case, three categories will be displayed for this Learner: "All Courses", "Category 1" and "Category 2".

Categories are defined in Learnster Studio under Settings/Categories:

...and added to a Course under Courses/<course>/Settings:

Course History has moved

With the introduction of Categories, we have moved Course History to the User Avatar menu:

Activity Page Sidebar

We have added a sidebar to all Activity Pages to allow simpler course navigation, and to give the Learner a better overview of the course progress:

The sidebar can be shown or hidden depending on what the Learner prefers:

New Activity Page Progress and Navigation indicator

We have added a new Activity Page Progress indicator that shows the Learner's progress on the Activity Page they are on.

The Activity Page Progress indicator transforms to the Next Activity Page button when the Page progress is 100%.

Hotspot are marked when done

Viewed Hotspots are now marked as done.

These are all the Learnster U changes in the 1.5 release. We hope you and your Learners will enjoy these changes, and that they make for a better and richer learning experience. πŸ’œ

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