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Create similar courses for different users groups, locations or dates by using Parent and Child courses.

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What is a parent and child course?

The parent is the main course that you create child courses from. Child courses are usually created when you have different groups of learners that should conduct a course at different starts/end dates, deadlines, or locations. When creating a child course it will be a copy of the parent course, but you can edit the timeline, content, and settings for the child course.

For example, London and Stockholm are two similar courses for onboarding but are conducted by two different groups of learners at two different locations and dates. Both are children to the parent “Onboarding for New Employees” and share the same core structure of the course. However, they can have different timelines, course outlines, settings, or information if needed.

How to create a child course

To create a child course, to the following:

  1. Go to Studio and the course overview.

  2. Click the more menu (the three dots) to the right of the course tab.

  3. Select Copy as child.

Create multiple child courses

On a course, click the more menu. Then choose Duplicate. This will create another child course in the parent group.

Parent & Child analytics

One of the benefits of Parent and Child courses is that you can get a clear overview and download an overall progress report for all your Child courses. Go to the overview by clicking the Parent name in the course list. Here you can see all Child courses and a simplified progress report for all courses. To download the progress report, go to the Learners tab and click the download symbol in the top right corner.

💡 You can also download progress reports and see course analytics for each child course by clicking into the course and go to the Analytics tab.

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