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Learnster v23 release notes.

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In Learnster v23, we've enhanced existing features to provide a better user experience! Introducing the new assignment page πŸ“ where learners can submit videos and audio (and many other file formats) and use the built-in chat πŸ’¬ for easy communication between learners and instructors. Plus, enjoy an improved question builder for single questions, quizzes, and surveys. Exciting updates for a more collaborative and engaging Learnster experience! 🌟


New Assignment Page

Say hello to our new Assignment Page πŸ‘‹ that takes collaboration between learners and instructors to a new level in your courses!

Learners can now submit assignments in a large variety of formats, including text, documents, audio, and video.

Additionally, like the cherry on the top πŸ’, the page includes a built-in chat πŸ’¬ feature that facilitates communication between learners and instructors. The chat can be used at any point after the assignment has been submitted (before and after grading).

Note: The Assignment Page is only available on specific pricing plans or as an add-on feature.

Assignment page in Learnster U

Create an Assignment Page

To add an Assignment, click Add Page on the course outline and select Assignment:

The Assignment Page is built as any other page in the course outline, and content designers can effortlessly incorporate different activity types such as text, videos, and images. There are also the options to:

  • Add estimated time length.

  • Select submission options Text entry and/or File upload.

  • Select submission file format.

πŸ‘‰ Accepted submission file formats: PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Keynote, Audio, Video, and Image.

Evaluate an Assignment

To evaluate an assignment and file submission, go to Learners > Progress > Click Learner name > Find the Assignment and click Evaluate


In the Evaluation window, the instructor can review and approve the assignment and the submission files. The built-in chat πŸ’¬ can be used to provide feedback and for any continued communication between the instructor and learner before and after evaluation.

πŸ’‘ Submitted images and videos can be viewed directly in Studio while documents are downloaded.

Question builder improvements

We have also enhanced and made design changes to our question builder for quiz, survey, and single questions.

Image placement (quiz and survey)

There are now four options for image placement in questions (after clicking the Add media button), making quizzes and surveys even more visually appealing for learners. You can choose image placement Left, Right, Behind, or Above.

There's also a color overlay option. To use, tick the box and select color and opacity percentage.


Time length (quiz, survey)

Add an estimated time length so the learner knows how much time is expected to complete the quiz or survey:

Question settings (quiz, survey, and single questions)

For question settings, click the settings wheel in the top left of a question:

Question theme (quiz, survey, and single questions)

Add a theme to clarify for the learner what the question is about:

Open ended question type

With the new assignment page implemented, the old assignment question type is still available in quiz, survey, and single questions with the new name Open ended.

Question character length and description

Our customers use quizzes and surveys in many creative ways, and sometimes, a large amount of text is needed in the actual question or in the description field. Therefore, we have extended the number of characters in both questions and descriptions (to limitless 🀭).

As part of the improvements, the learners can view the full description in My results after completing the quiz:

🀫 Psst, by the way, above is an example of how it looks when an image is placed behind a question.

Updated linking for enrollment requests via mail

As part of transitioning Teams to U, enrollment requests previously directed via mail link to Studio are now routed to U. This means that Managers won't need access to Studio to be able to accept/decline enrollment request directly from their email. Since the links are now directed to U (instead of Studio) you can also accept/decline enrollment requests directly from your email on mobile devices.

The short code to include links to accept/decline enrollment requests is called [enrollment_approve_decline_controls]. This short code is included by default in the message "Course enrollment to manager for approval".

In the email sent to Managers, short code will be displayed like this:

Feel free to check out the release notes for our previous versions here! 🀩

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