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Learnster v22 release notes.

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2023 is coming to an end, and it's time for our last release of the year - v22! 🎉

This release brings more flexibility to Managers' role permissions, supporting team learning dynamics. Now, you can add custom thumbnails for SCORM activities, enhancing the visual appeal with a personalized touch. Accessibility improvements have been implemented to ensure a smoother user experience. Additionally, two new Public API endpoints have been introduced for managing language settings and retrieving signup links.


Enroll/Assign Learners Permission for Managers

When introducing Teams in U, we added support for Managers to assign courses for their Teams. In addition, we added role permissions for Admins to decide whether Teams or Direct Managers should be allowed to assign courses to their Team Members. Based on much-appreciated user feedback, we've now added further granularity to the role permissions for Course Assignment.

You can now choose if your Managers should be able to Enroll Learners or Add Learners to courses. Let's clarify the differences 🤓

  • Enroll Learners - Managers can assign courses to their Team Members, but an enrollment flow based on the course's settings will be applied. Settings such as the maximum number of participants, manual approval, and registration deadline will be taken into consideration. Therefore, learners are not guaranteed to be added to the course, depending on its settings.

  • Add Learners - Managers can assign courses to their Team Members and they will be added directly as Learners on the course. This permission allows the Manager to override the course settings.

Scope of permissions

These role permission settings are only available for the Team Manager and Direct Manager roles. The permissions apply in Teams in U when a Manager uses the "Assign Courses" button under the Courses tab. The interface in Teams in U will look the same for Managers with Enroll Learners and Add Learners permissions, but the result of the action will vary depending on the permissions.

ℹ️ If you've enabled the Course Assignment permission for your Team or Direct Managers in v21, the default setting will be set to "Enroll Learners" when your Learnster vendor is updated to v22.

SCORM Custom Thumbnail

This isn't a popularity contest... but if it was(!), this feature might take the prize from all of our friends who are working with SCORM files in Learnster! 🏆

You can now choose your own custom thumbnail for all SCORM activities you upload in Learnster. To do it, just add the SCORM activity to your course, hover over it, and click "Edit content." Choose to either upload an image from your device or add an image directly from your Library in Learnster.

We've also updated the user interface in Studio so that the custom thumbnail is reflected directly for the content designer. Previously, you could add "Duration" directly in the activity. This can now easily be done in the side menu.

This is how the SCORM activity will look in Learnster U for your Learners when you've added a custom thumbnail.

Accessibility improvements in Learnster U

We are continuously working to improve the accessibility of Learnster for all of our Learners. In v22, we've made some small but important tweaks to the course outline and activity interface, enhancing the user experience in terms of accessibility. The improvements include typography, color changes, and contrast adjustments.

Public API updates

We've also added two new endpoints to our public API:

  • Public API endpoint for setting language

  • Public API endpoint to retrieve signup link

Feel free to check out the release notes for our previous versions here! 🤩

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