Troubleshooting SSO

A guide on some common errors and misconfigured settings in Learnsters SSO

Written by Max Magnusson
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General issues/limitations

Via Learnster Studio you are able to control the necessary settings to setup and turn on/off SSO solutions. If you are responsible for doing so but don't have the right access we recommend you start with contacting your Learnster support to check with them first.

Can I use multiple connection types or more than one IdP-provider?

It is not recommended to combine different SSO solution. But if this is still something you want or need there are 2 things you need to consider:
1. Auto login must be turned off for all SSO connections for it to work

2. You will have one SSO button for each connection on your login page

This is true even if you have the same IdP in both cases (like using OpenID and SAML). You will have to have one button per connection either way.

OpenID Connect

Info coming soon!


Q: I receive the following error message "Audience Restrictions conditions not satisfied! (Local entity ID =client ID)" - what should I do?
A: This is solved by adding prefix spn: before the application ID in the SAML configuration in Learnster.

JWT based authentication

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