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v18 - Regarding course lengths adjustments
v18 - Regarding course lengths adjustments

In v18 an update was made that resulted in some course lengths being rounded up to 1 hour

Written by Max Magnusson
Updated over a week ago

During the roll out of v18 an unintentional update was made to a few courses.

In short this issue is only effecting courses using this setting and where the course length was set to between 1 and 59 minutes.

Note: Courses set to 1 hour or more are not effected by this issue.

What has happened?

During roll out of version 18 courses using the Course Length setting, set to a course length of less than one hour (0-59 minutes) has been rounded up to 1 hour.

What courses are effected?

All courses moved to version 18 of Learnster that also was set to a Course Length less than 1 hour (0-59 minutes).

How to identify and fix this?

To identify and adjust this, see the two steps below

1. How to find Course Length

To see current length, and if you are effected, visit your courses as a Learner and click the Information tab.

2. How to adjust Course Length

In Studio this can be seen and corrected via the editor, go to tab Information and check under headline Information.

How can Learnster help?

If you only have a handful of shorter courses the easiest and quickest way to fix this is using the method above.

If you suspect you have a large amount of courses that need adjusting - or if you have a large set of courses you are unsure of has been effected by this issue - you can reach out to our support for further assistance.

We apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused and of course you can always reach out to our support if you have any further questions!

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