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Learnster version 19 release notes.

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In version 19 of Learnster, we've been focusing on improving existing functionality based on our users' feedback rather than shipping a bunch of new features. In Learnster Studio, you will find additional settings to help you specify role permissions even more. In Learnster U, we've added more options for Team managers to handle their Team Members. On top of this, you might notice a bunch of design improvements all across the platform to keep Learnster easy on the eyes for our users 😀.


Learnster Studio:

Learnster U:

Improvements to Teams in U:

Learnster Studio

Role Permission improvements

With the introduction of Smart Assignment and Catalog Access, we've also made improvements to provide more granular role permissions to suit the specific Instructors and Course Designers in your organization.

If you go to >Role Permissions >Instructors/Content Designers and turn on Smart Assignment or Catalog Access, you will be presented with additional options to decide what attributes your Instructors/Content Designers should be able to use in the different features.

For example: if you don't want your Instructors to be able to enroll Learners to a course based the Company attribute, just untick the box as shown in the image above 👆.

ℹ️ Please note that you can choose different attributes for Smart Assignment and Catalog Access.

The attributes ticked in the role permission settings will be displayed and available as criteria for your Instructors/Content Designers when using Smart Enrollment/Catalog Access. The unticked attributes will not be displayed as options in this menu 🤓.

Tag dependencies overview

A Tag can be used in multiple places in Learnster, and to help you, we've created an overview of where your tag is being used and what potential dependencies it has in different features. If you click on a tag you will see the following tabs, and each tab presents a list of items where the tag has been added:

  • Users

  • Smart Enrollment

  • Resources

  • Teams

  • Automation Rules

  • Courses

  • Invitation links

  • Catalog Access

Psst... this was actually part of v18, but we didn't brag enough about it back then 🤭.

Excel report format

Sometimes you just have to fetch a big report; we get it! Previously you could only fetch Excel reports that consisted of 65.536 rows or less with the xls format. In v19 we're now using the xlsx format for Excel reports which allows to download reports in Learnster that consist of up to 1.048.576 rows. You're welcome 😇.

Learnster U

Improvements to Teams in U

View and edit user cards

In v19 we are adding support for viewing and editing user cards from Teams in U. This allows Managers to administrate their Team and Team Members entirely from Teams in U without having to log in to Studio, making Learnster U the one-stop-shop for your Managers and... it's also available on mobile 😎.

To view the user card, go to your Team and open the Learners tab. Hover over the Team Member you want to view the user card for. Click the three buttons on the right side to open the more menu, and then click "Edit" to view the user card.

Preview course card for enrollment requests

For your Teams enrollment requests, you will now be able to preview the course card directly from the request to find out additional information about the course. Go to Requests and click the document symbol for the enrollment request, and you will find all information available about the course to help you understand if it's the right course for your team member.

Organization Report for My Teams in U

In Teams in U, you can view both regular Teams and Direct Manager Teams. For that reason, we've added an Organization Report in Teams in U that consist of combined data from all your regular Teams and your Direct Manager Teams, giving you an overview of your organization across different Teams.

To find your way to the Organization Report, you need to open Learnster U, go to >Teams, and click the report symbol on the top right side. Choose between Excel or CSV format and start the download.

Feel free to check out the release notes for our previous versions here! 🤩

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