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Learnster version 17 release notes.

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Learnster v17 is almoooost fully dedicated to one specific set of features – Teams in Learnster U. However, we couldn't resist sneaking in a little extra feature that will allow you to add code blocks to your course content 🤭. We hope you will enjoy it!


Teams in Learnster U ⬇

Until now the Teams view has only been available in Learnster Studio. In version 17 we will move the Teams view to Learnster U, making it accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. We are also updating some of the designs to improve user experience and adding new features to give Team Managers and Direct Managers more possibilities to manage and follow up on the progress of their Team Members.

Navigating to the new Teams view is a piece of cake 🍰. Team and Direct Managers will now see a "My Teams" option in the header bar in Learnster U. Here they can view and manage their Team(s). If a user is a Manager for multiple Teams they will all be shown in this view. That includes both regular Teams and Direct Manager Teams.

Add Team Members

The functionality to add Team Members is nothing new, but the interface has got a fresh polished look in v17. Under the Learners tab, there's now a button that says "Add Member". Clicking this button gives you two options (depending on permissions) to add Team Members.

  • Add Existing - Add an existing user in Learnster as Team Member.

  • Invite New - Invite a new user to Learnster and add them as Team Member.

Manage Team members (Learners)

In the new Teams view, we've added a set of new options for Team Managers to manage their Learners on specific courses. If you go to the Learners tab and click on one of your Team Members' names, a modal with a single learner view will open.

Here you can see an overview and list of all the Learner's courses. When hovering over a course, three dots will show on the right side. Click the three dots to open the course options menu.

  • Set user as completed: Changes the status to completed on the course for the Learner.

  • User should redo course: Resets the course progress and the course shows up on the Learner's start page so they can retake the course. If the Learner had completed the course it will still show as completed in the Learner's course history. If the Learner completes the course again, it will show that the course has been completed twice in the course history ✌️.

  • Remove user from course: Removes the Learner from the course.

Assign courses

Assigning courses to your Team Members is to be considered a core functionality. So, we decided to make some changes to the interface and flow of assigning courses to make it both smoother and prettier!

Under the Courses tab in your Team, you can find a button that says "Assign courses".

Clicking the button will open a new modal. Here you will choose what courses you want to assign and to which Learners. This is done in two steps:

  • First, you search and select the courses that you want to assign. You can select multiple courses at the same time, just click the courses you want to add and click Assign.

  • Second, choose which Learners you want to assign to the courses that you selected. Select your Learners and click Add. Et voilà!

Enrollment requests

Under the Requests tab, all pending enrollment requests from your Team Members will be shown. If there are any pending requests a blue dot will be shown in the tab to alert the Team Manager to manage the requests.


In the About tab, you have a few additional settings available to help administer your team. Add or remove Team Managers, choose Team Name, add Team Description and manage Tags.

ℹ️ Please note that the creation of new Teams is still managed in Studio view.

Role Permissions for Managers ⬇

With new features come new role permissions! We're giving Team and Direct Managers more abilities, but you can still choose which ones that should be enabled. In addition to the existing role permissions, we've added permissions settings for the new features mentioned above. Course assignment, mark courses as complete, redo courses, and remove users from courses all have their own permission settings. Simply toggle the switch for the permission to enable/disable it for your Team or Direct Manager.

Learnster Studio access

Moving Teams to U from Studio also means a new way of working for your Team and Direct Managers. For this reason, we are still keeping Teams available in Studio for the time being, giving you and your Managers some time to get used to managing their Teams in Learnster U. To be able to give your Managers a slight nudge toward the new Teams view in U, we've also added a permission to turn off Studio access for Team and Direct Managers.

Turn off this switch to hide the "Go to Studio" button in Learnster U. If you keep it turned on your Managers can still go into Studio and manage their Teams as they did in previous versions of Learnster.

📣 Please note that for now (in v17) you need to use Teams in Studio in order to edit user information, create new teams and add a team image. These features will gradually move to Learnster U in upcoming releases.

Code Blocks ⬇

By popular demand, we have also added code blocks with support for code syntax to the text editor in the course creation view in Learnster Studio. This feature allows you to highlight lines of code and code snippets, making it a natural part of your course content.

Just add a text block, choose to format as Code Block, and your code will be highlighted💡

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