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Learnster U version 15 release notes

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In version 15 of Learnster, we've put a lot of effort into improving support and user-friendliness for our Learners! These are the following v15 changes in Learnster U 🎉.


Improved Support tab ⬇

Clear communication is key in providing great support to your Learners! For that reason, we've now added customizable fields for Support Description and Thank You Message. Here you can provide your Learners with clear instructions on how to get support for different issues and also set the right expectations as they reach out for help.

In Studio, go to >Settings >Support and click the Custom alternative to fill out your own custom text. Switch between the different language tabs to set custom text for specific languages 💡.

Course Price ⬇

Do you offer any cost-related courses to your Learners? Then it's really important to inform them of the cost! With Course Price, we've added a separate field for this to the course information tab. Course Price will of course also be shown in the course overview in the Catalog before registering for a course.

Meeting Invitation Links ⬇

This is probably the most highly anticipated feature from the Learners in v15! From now on you will be able to include a meeting link and password for online scheduled events in the calendar invitation. This will allow your Learners to go straight from their calendar into the online meeting with one click 👌.

The URL for the meeting link, password to access the meeting, and event description all show in the description of the calendar invitation that is automatically sent out from Learnster.

👆The screenshot example is from Google Calendar. It might look a bit different depending on what calendar you use but the information will always be included!

Learnster U Sidebar (left side menu) ⬇

To make it even easier for the Learners to get a clear course overview, navigate the content and track their own progress we're launching an improved Learnster U Sidebar in v15! 🤩

In addition to overall design improvements, Learners are now able to see the total number of pages for each block and can expand/minimize each block to view/hide specific activities. Details are shown for both unscheduled and scheduled activities and Learners will be able to join online events directly from inside the course.

The sidebar will be shown by default when starting a course to allow the Learner to get a quick overview of the course content. It can then easily be minimized by clicking the arrow in the top left corner. In the minimized menu we show a simplified overview of the progress on a block level.

Course Contact ⬇

This feature could be seen as an extension to the improved Support functionality in Learnster. Ever had Learners reached out with questions regarding a specific course? With Course Contact it's possible to add a specific email address to be listed as course contact. This will allow your Learners to get in contact with the right person to get their questions answered ⭐️.

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