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In the new version 15 of Learnster, we've made changes over a broad variety of functions to primarily improve support, security, and user-friendliness! 🙌

Peace Banner 🕊️

Support and Security:

Course creation and Course settings:



Peace Banner ⬇

To show our continued support to Ukraine and its people, we've added a Peace Banner to the bottom of the start pages in both Studio and U. You can click it to learn more about the situation in Ukraine and how to support and help the people affected by the war.

The Peace Banner is shown by default but can be disabled in Studio if you go to >Settings >General and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the switches to control where you want to show or hide the banner.

Support and Security:

New support interface ⬇

In v15 we’re launching an updated support interface in Studio. This means that when you need to contact Learnster support, you go to the support tab from your user menu and fill in the form. You can also attach files, such as screenshots, describing your issue. After submitting a support issue, you will receive a confirmation email and our support will get back to you as soon as possible.

ℹ️ With the updated support tab in Studio we will remove the existing chat bubble.

Shortcut to our Help Center ⬇

In addition to the new Support tab, we've also added a shortcut to our Help Center directly from Studio. By clicking the question mark in Studio you will be redirected to our Help Center where you find articles describing the different functions and features in Learnster. The Help Center shortcut is available for all user roles in Studio, not only Super admins and Admins ⭐️.

Improved support settings ⬇

We’re launching new support settings that will make it easier for you to help your users! 💜 In the Support settings menu in Studio, you can set the preferred email addresses to receive support questions. You can choose different email addresses as recipients for questions from U and Studio. The support tab in U is used by Learners and the support tab in Studio is used by Team Managers, Direct Managers, Instructors, and Content Designers.

❗️📣 When updating your platform to v15, we will use your current Workspace email from >Settings >General settings >Workspace email as your support email address.

For the support tab in Learnster U, you can also add a custom Support Description and Thank You Message. Click the Custom alternative and fill out your own personal messages. Switch between the different language tabs to set language-specific support descriptions and thank you messages.

❗️📣 Please note that if you have any other languages than English available for users in Learnster U, you should add custom text in both the description and in the thank you message!

New email service provider ⬇

In Learnster you're able to choose your own email address that you wish to use as sender for all notifications that are sent from the Learnster platform ✉️. To be able to use your own sender you have to give permission to the Learnster platform to send out notifications from your email address. This is done by adding records that are provided by Learnster to your DNS (Domain Name System).

We strive to stay the best in class and never stop trying to improve security and safety for user data in the Learnster platform. With that said we've identified an improvement in our choice of email service providers and will therefore switch systems in the upcoming release. This means great data protection for all of our users which is of the highest importance to us.

It also means that if you're using your own custom sender in the Learnster platform, you will have to add new records to your DNS to be compliant with our new system.

❗️📣 We will reach out to any clients affected by this with instructions to make the change of DNS records smooth and swift.

Course creation and Course settings:

Course outline updates ⬇

Creating content is one of the cornerstones of the Learnster platform. In v15 of Learnster, we're introducing several updates to the course outline and creation flow to make it even smoother to create new and edit existing content!

Course outline creation flow

Adding new pages is one of the most basic and most frequently used features in Learnster. Therefore, it's extra important to make the creation flow simple and enjoyable and we hope these improvements will have a great impact on your user experience! When clicking Add page you now get four options: Blank, Quiz, Survey, and From Library (previously we showed Library items by default, but that is now replaced with the button From Library).

When clicking one of the four options the page is created and you can then name your page. This means you no longer need to name your page before actually adding it to your course outline💡.

Adding new pages in existing courses is just as common! Therefore, you can now easily add a new page wherever you want in your course outline. Just hover over your existing pages and click the blue button exactly where you want to add a new page. No more hassle of moving pages all around the place 🥳.

ℹ️ You can of course also add a new action or heading in between your existing pages.

Prework block removal

In this version of Learnster, we have removed the option to add a new Prework block to a course. Instead, you will get the two options to add either an Unscheduled or a Scheduled block. There's a simple reason for this! With our developed course and block settings, it's now possible to get the same functionality with an unscheduled block. So, if you wish to add a prework block to your course you just add an unscheduled block and head into the block settings to adjust them for your specific course.

What happens to my existing prework blocks? 🤔 Good question! We've only removed the option to add new prework blocks. This means that all existing prework blocks will be left unchanged and you will still be able to edit these blocks.

Additional changes

Other changes in the course outline are that "Topic" has been changed to "Heading" and adding content from Library now has its very own button 😎.

Meeting invitation links ⬇

Turning our users' input into actual product features is a pleasure! 🙌 This has been a strongly requested feature that doesn't need too much of an introduction. When adding a scheduled online event in v15 you can now choose to include a meeting link and password to the calendar invite. This will allow your Learners to go straight from their calendar into the meeting without having to log in to Learnster.

Course price ⬇

Course price is a new field that we have added to the course information settings. If there's a cost related to your course, you can then add this to the course price field under the information tab in your course. You can choose whether you want to display the course price for your Learners in U or not. Just click the eye symbol to show/hide course price in U.

To be able to easily summarize and follow up on cost-related courses the information about course price will also be added as a new column in reports. You will be able to find cost information in the following reports:

  • Course Progress report

  • Team Learners report

  • Team Course report

Course contact ⬇

It's not unusual for Learners to have questions regarding a specific course and it's content, scheduled events, etc. To make it easier for your Learners to get in touch with the right person regarding questions about a specific course, you're now able to add a Course Contact to a course. Simply add the email address of who should be listed as course contact in your Course Settings. When adding a course contact to a course the option will be shown in the course information tab in Learnster U!


Standard reports ⬇

With standard reports, we've made it possible to tailor all the different reports in Learnster to each user role. A comprehensive report is great, right? But information overload can make you miss the most important stuff! Therefore, you can now decide which fields from the reports you wish to include in the specific reports and for what user roles.

Let's say your Team Managers want to download a Team Courses report to track their Team Members' progress. For them to get a quick overview of the Learners' progress they might not need 23 columns with information about the courses, right? Then you can simply untick the boxes of the fields that aren't relevant for your Team Managers. This makes it way easier for them to find and track the information that's actually important!

To tailor your reports, go to >Settings >Role Permissions >Standard Reports.

💡 You can also choose to completely disable a report for the different user roles.


Course history bulk upload ⬇

We want it to be easy to overview, measure, and follow up on your Learners' efforts and progress when it comes to any type of learning. With course history bulk upload you are now able to add any course history that your Learners have completed outside of Learnster. This allows you to get the full scope of their learning journey all gathered in Learnster 🤓.

Go to Studio, >Users >Import Learners and choose between uploading External Course History or Learnster Course History.

ℹ️ Click where the blue arrow is pointing to download the correct template file!

External course history doesn't have to be linked to any existing course in Learnster, but will still be added to the Learners' individual course history in Learnster.

Learnster course history can be a course that previously has been conducted outside of Learnster but now exists as a Learnster course. Then you can upload the course history and connect it to this Learnster course. The course history will then not only be added to the Learners' individual course history, but also to the overall course analytics!

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