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Learnster U version 14 release notes

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A great Learner experience is a key to great learning! 🙌 Therefore, we've made the following upgrades in Learnster U in version 14 of Learnster.


A new course overview ⬇

We've made a few changes to the course card in Learnster U to enhance the user experience for your Learners:

  • When clicking a course card the Learner will arrive directly in the Course Outline tab with a clear overview of the course content and scheduled events.

  • The Information tab has a new layout that provides both a more compact and comprehensive view of the course information.

  • We've added a static Start/Resume Learning button below the course name. This makes it clear for your Learners how to start a course or resume where they last left off.

Course cover image ⬇

The course cover image will now show on the course card as well as a hero image in the course information section. This creates a more coherent look and feel for each specific course👌 .

Learners can redo courses ⬇

Do you want to allow your Learners to be able to reset and retake a course? We got you! 🙌 With the new feature, your Learners can choose to redo courses by themselves.

When Show Course Reset (in Course settings) is enabled, the Learners can go to their Course History, hover over the course, and click Redo. The course will then show up under My Courses as a brand new course!

ℹ️ If a Learner retakes a course it will show multiple times in their Course History.

That's it for now! Enjoy the improved learning experience in Learnster! 💜

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