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Learnster Teamtailor Integration

How to set up Teamtailor integration with Learnster

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About Learnster Teamtailor Integration

With the Learnster Teamtailor integration, you can automate the creation of a Learnster account for new hires to improve preboarding. This is done by adding the Learnster Experience trigger to the Offered or Hired stage in Teamtailor. When a candidate is then moved to the stage with a trigger, a Learnster account is automatically created using the candidate's personal information from Teamtailor. The new hire receives an email invitation and can log in to Learnster right away to get started with their preboarding.

From Preboarding to Onboarding

When fetching the personal information from Teamtailor to create a Learnster account, a private email address will be used as login credentials in Learnster. When moving from preboarding to onboarding, you probably want to replace the users' private email with a work email 💡

Depending on how your Learnster platform is set up, you can do one of the following:

  • Manually replace the users' private email with a work email.

  • Let the users change their own e-mail in Learnster. This is done in Learnster U under My Account.

  • If you have another integration with an internal HR system or Active Directory, please speak to your IT department on how to adjust this.

How to set up the Teamtailor Integration

To set up your Teamtailor integration with Learnster, you first need to activate the integration in Learnster Studio and generate your Secret Token.

  1. Go to Learnster Studio >Settings >Integrations

  2. Click the switch and set Teamtailor: ON. This will generate a Secret Token.

  3. Copy the Secret Token and go to Teamtailor

In Teamtailor:

  1. Go to "Marketplace" and activate Learnster. You'll find Learnster in the left side menu under "Onboarding." Click on Learnster and choose "Activate".

  2. Go to Settings in Teamtailor, scroll down in the left side menu, and open "Marketplace Activations". (Learnster will only show here if it's been activated in your marketplace).

  3. Click on "View Settings" for Learnster, paste your secret token from Learnster, and click "Update" to enable the integration.

When the secret token has been submitted - follow the steps below to activate the integration for your jobs in Teamtailor:

  1. Open "Triggers" in your job ad.

  2. Go to Offered or Hired stage and click "Add trigger"

  3. Choose "Send webhook: Learnster" and click "Add trigger."

  4. Drag and drop your candidates to the stage with the trigger, and the user will be created in Learnster. Voilà!

User Tags in Learnster

When a User is created in Learnster through the Teamtailor integration, user data such as name, email, and phone is fetched from Teamtailor and added to the user in Learnster. In addition to that, specific user tags are also added to the user in Learnster based on title, department, and stage in Teamtailor.

ℹ️ You can choose to activate/deactivate the different user tags. Contact to make sure you got the correct tags activated!

For title and department tags, Learnster will fetch data from the specific job. For example, if you are hiring a Product Designer for your Product department, your candidate will be assigned the tags tt_title_product designer and tt_department_product in Learnster. Stage tags will be named the same for all jobs but will depend on what stage in Teamtailor you add the Learnster webhook. If you add it to the stage "Offered" then a candidate will get the tag tt_stage_offered in Learnster when added to this stage in Teamtailor, and if you add it to the stage "Hired" they will get the tag tt_stage_hired.

You can add a webhook to both the Offered and Hired stages in the same job. With the stage tags, you can then automate what content you share with the candidate for each stage 💡

In the example below, we are hiring Jane Doe as a Product Designer for our Product department. We've added a webhook in both the Offered and Hired stages.

When the candidate is added to the Offered stage, a user is created in Learnster with the tags tt_stage_offered, tt_department_product and tt_title_product designer. When and if added to the Hired stage, the user is also assigned the tag tt_stage_hired.

The user card in Learnster will then look like this! 👆

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